What is ClearSkies

What is ClearSkies

The objective and independent emissions and energy performance certification mark for solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.


What is clearSkies?
clearSkies is an objective and independent emissions and energy performance certification scheme for stoves and fireplaces.
Initiated by the industry through the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), clearSkies is designed to drive the development and installation of cleaner and more efficient appliances and is open to all manufacturers of solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.
clearSkies certification provides an easily recognised and independent verification of appliance performance for both emissions and efficiency, helping consumers
make an informed purchase decision.
Efficiency & emissions criteria
clearSkies certified appliances meet, and in many cases go beyond, the minimum performance level for Ecodesign Regulations – the minimum legal requirement for an appliance manufactured for sale in the UK from 1st January 2022.
Ecodesign Regulations cover specific minimum criteria that an appliance must achieve under set test conditions, which are independently verified. These criteria are the minimum energy efficiency of the appliance and the maximum levels of emissions permitted of:
  • CO – Carbon Dioxide
  • PM – Particulate Matter
  • OGC – Organic Gaseous Compounds
  • NOx - Nitrogen Oxide
The new Ecodesign Regulations represent a significant tightening of these criteria over the current CE requirements.
clearSkies Levels explained
A clearSkies label on a wood burning appliance means the emission and efficiency performance data in respect of Ecodesign compliance and CE marking has been verified.

The clearSkies Levels show how far beyond Ecodesign criteria an appliance goes in terms of further reduced emissions and increased efficiency. This is set out in the different levels of clearSkies certification which are:

All appliances certified under clearSkies are Ecodesign Ready and therefore also qualify for the SIA Ecodesign Ready certification*.
Government welcomes clearSkies
The clearSkies scheme has been welcomed by various government departments and industry organisationsacross the UK & the following comments have been
"We welcome this launch of the clearSkies
scheme, initiated by the Stove Industry Alliance.
It is right that consumers are able to make
informed choices about how to reduce emissions.
We also support industry as it works to bring
cleaner and more efficient technologies into our
Spokesperson for Department for Environment,
Food & Rural Affairs
 "Scotland’s journey to better air quality is one
that we must all take together and take
responsibility for. I welcome schemes, such as
the new clearSkies label, which support
consumers in making informed choices about
lower emission options."
Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Cabinet Secretary
for the Environment, Climate Change & Land

"The Federation of British Chimney Sweeps
welcomes the launch of clearSkies, which should
help consumers easily identify those appliances
with the lowest emissions and best efficiency.
These appliances will be beneficial for the
environment and also cost less to run, your local
Association and FBCS chimney sweep can
Phil Cleaver, Director, Federation of British
Chimney Sweeps
Stringent testing & control
In order to attain the clearSkies mark a manufacturer needs to demonstrate that its product meets or exceeds the requirements for four different maximum emission limit tests and an efficiency test.
In addition, manufacturers also need to confirm that they have a process in place for ensuring manufacturing control over their certified appliances to ensure consistency of production. This is a requirement of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 and gives further assurance that a clearSkies certified fireplace or stove is manufactured to the highest standards.
Manufacturers have also self-certified full Ecodesign & CE mark compliance to the clearSkies administrator, Kiwa.
Environmentally friendly
clearSkies certified stoves and fireplaces have low emissions and high efficiency, making them a low carbon and environmentally friendly home heating solution.
clearSkies certified stoves and fireplaces are cost effective to run because they use significantly less fuel than older stove models and open fires to produce the same amount of heat.
By encouraging the installation of clearSkies certified appliances, either through new installations and especially as a replacement for an open fire or older stove, the industry can play a key role in helping to lower emissions and dramatically improve air quality.
Promoting the right fuel
clearSkies certified woodburning stoves and fireplaces are precision engineered to use the right fuel.
The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020, which have been laid down in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and will see traditional house coal and wet wood for domestic combustion phased out, will come into force on 1st May 2021.
As well as putting the spotlight on appliance improvement, it is a key objective of clearSkies to make clear to consumers the importance of using wood fuel with a moisture content below 20% to ensure optimum stove operation, such as wood certified under the Woodsure Ready to Burn scheme.