What is Ecodesign? Ecodesign is a European-wide initiative designed to lower emissions from Stoves. In 2015 DEFRA cited Ecodesign as the method it will use to improve efficiency and reduce emissions from solid fuel stoves. Ecodesign is backed by the Mayor of London and DEFRA.

How does a stove obtain Ecodesign standard? For a stove to be classed as SIA Ecodesign Ready it must have been independently tested by an approved test laboratory and have met the strict emissions and minimum efficiency criteria for Ecodesign. Test results are verified by HETAS and listed accordingly on their website. Only eligible stoves carry the SIA Ecodesign ready label.

What is SIA Ecodesign ready? SIA Ecodesign ready, simply refers to stoves that meet the criteria. Many Ecodesign ready stoves are already on the market, well in advance of the new legislation. These carry the SIA Ecodesign ready label/logo.

When does it come into force? For Solid Fuel Stoves (Woodburning and Multi-Fuel), including boiler stoves, the rules come into force on Jan 1st, 2022.

What will happen on the 1st Jan 2022? From the 1st Jan 2022, it will be illegal to manufacture and sell new stoves that do not comply with the Ecodesign regulations. Stoves that were already in the chain of supply, in showrooms, warehouses etc may still be sold, however, an enforcement team has been set up to verify products sold comply with regulations.

What about Energy Labelling? Energy labelling or Ecolabels came into force for stoves on the 1st Jan 2018. Stoves displayed in our showroom already carry this information. Manufacturers are obliged to include a printed label in the stove packaging as well. This shows a stoves efficiency in a recognisable format.

What will happen to my current stove after 2022? Nothing. This only applies to new stoves. However, when you come to replace your appliance, post 01/01/22 a new stove will need to comply. You will of course benefit from superior performance and lower emissions – perhaps even as much as 80%.

How do Ecodesign stoves compare to older stoves? Independent research has shown that typical Ecodesign stoves are 90% more efficient than open fires and 80% on stoves from 10 years ago. Research carried out by Kiwa Gastec.

Will the rules still apply when the UK leaves the European Union? Yes. Both the Ecodesign and Energy labelling directive will be written into UK law.